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I wonder what net I can knit to capture you And what tints I can sift to loose this nasty hue

Sunday, December 04, 2005

It's sometimes confusing what is to be done next

It's theorized
that the respective platforms we fall back on,
that card where our eyes won't meet, where our tongues won't lap
is in fact the same
the same twilighted footsteps we tread
the same cavern our eyes descend to
in mute we are but ridge to ridge

And yet
that landscape we return to,
the mountain ranged where our ears twitch to,
where our teeth tap of, is in fact
wedged by atmospheres
oppisite sides of the everything

why can't i speak to You on that landing
why can't we speak together of that landing
why do You drop like a cliff from the death
why does my hand, when You fall, stay
i push Your breath out of my lungs

And furthermore
you, your scent it gives me craziness
and you, your manner it gives me craziness
and you, you remind me so much of her I want to vomit
and she reminds me so much of loss
And furthermore, You...


Blogger Imaginer said...

You are an inspiring poet...both in technique, diction and emotion. Thank you for sharing.

9:55 PM  

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