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Friday, December 02, 2005

from the crisp airway betwixt two tall buildings

I always contrived that
My mind fought in a different stairwell
Then the general surroundings
And though we may pound a race
To the office cei9ling to bust
Through that pupil door, it is still
A scream across the alley way

But to let the suits dance
To let them spin their neckties down by their waists
Is to soak my sandaled feet in brew coffee
To let the coffee brew
Dance suits, dance

I've temporarily surmised that
The things that sport their existence
Like fine tweed suit jackets
Around my eyeballs and touch pads
That these light wave briefcases
Are of a different class of office supplies
Than stapled to the comprehension of everyone

And let the suits dance
Let them shackle their wristwatches here and there
And let my rooted feet soak up the brew
And drink, the tuber femur through
Dance suits, dance

Perhaps during fifteen minutes of break
You can lap me up, gulp me down
My eyes are dark like coffee
Perhaps I drink too much coffee
Over me you can bark your talk
And drip your saliva down your neck
I could never think to drink your spit

So just let the suits dance
Let them rejoice in cuffs and collars disarray
I'll just let myself brew
My contemplations being just percolations
But oh look at those suits dance


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